Recently someone asked me what are your hobbies, I took a pause to imbibe that question, understanding the delay in my response the person was quick to say “well, your ‘ahh’..’hmm’ tells me that you do not have any hobbies”, I was like okay, I take that. The episode ended there.

Off late I feel I am not able to identify myself with anything/anyone, get a feeling of I am so unlike me, life has become so pretentious. Pondering on my plight I somehow feel its because I miss my world of hobbies which are like thinking what to do, bothering my mom for crazy thoughts like the curtain of the window is not going with the cover on the Television, which nail paint will go with the dress that I would wear tomorrow, Β pestering my brother as to how can he step out of the home wearing a weird combination as if someone is going put him behind the bars for that, managing to dissuade my mom’s attention on me, calling my best buddy and talking for hours, last but not the least “Shopping”.

Shopping is one thing that keeps me active/alive feeling. Shopping essentially is not going to branded showrooms and stuffing my bag with clothes/adding to the count of footwear or eyeing on a bag that would fit all the things mentioned earlier. For me shopping is carrying the veggies that mom buys, taking a tour of the departmental stores and getting the feel good factor, hanging out with friends and having the roadside frankie, pani puri, vadapav etc, picking up things that would be of no use to me, but just because it looks good, the name of it ring bells with me and then having the guilt feeling for few hours that I could have spent it wisely on some other monstrous stuff. Β I am tired of keeping myself away of these things. I was just waiting for one of the days when I can re kindle within me the joy of back to those days types feeling.

Finally came this Sunday, the start of Bandra fair, getting up that morning was a different feeling, my mom waking me up and me pretending to sleep, my ammama (granny) defending me saying “let her sleep, she must be tired”, after waking fighting with my bro that I will bathe first, having the delicacies that is made at my place, seeing myself in the mirror that has motivated me for the past 15 years and the feeling that I am going out with my friend. These are petty things in life, but it defines your life.

Hobbies, the literal meaning goes like doing things that interest you during your leisure time, but I feel why leisure time, why can’t we take out time to do these things, the major span of our life gets spent in things that we are supposed to do, not in what we want to do. The duties that needs to be performed, the demanding obligations, rules and regulations that needs to be followed, dictates our lives. People say dare to find a life outside your comfort zone, which is challenging, succeeding brings victory and gets you the delight of a win situation, may be life will sail along smoothly on this ground too, but the traces of hobbies, the fun of being yourself in incomparable.

So my definition of hobbies is being yourself, adjusting with the life that does not seem to be hobbitual (please don’t check this word in dictionary) .. πŸ™‚

Thanks to the person who asked me the question, which was the spark to this flow of thoughts and to the one who always motivates me to write πŸ™‚