Its me being myself..

Being myself actually does not come to me easily though I love myself in that role the most. When I say this what I mean is most of the time I actually be or become a person which is accepted in the given situation. Be it work, at someone’s place or outside world, I have felt and related myself being a different person than truly what I am. If I have to be true to myself I am someone prefers being alone than being surrounded with people, prefer darkness over bright light, love being at one place than keep on exploring different avenues so on and so forth. However it has not been always possible for me to stick to my likings or preferences. So I adhere to be a Roman when in Rome.

To be honest to myself, I believe and choose to live by grace than being lucky. I have made my choices in life and have literally put in efforts and all my energy only to a very small set of things which I needed badly madly in life, everything else was just pure grace. My perspective of life is to lead a minimalist life, love the people whom I really care for, to work and toil to suffice my necessities and needs. Everything else is add on. I strongly believe in keeping things either as white or black, the grey area is something I largely avoid. Be it people, giving my opinion, relationship with people etc. I like being transparent and keeping it as is. Many a times things dont fall in place when one is strongly inclined towards such thoughts, actually the transparency and to the point talks lead to many unexpected challenges because not everyone you deal with or come across is of the same opinion.

After being in the corporate world for so long (16 years) I have well understood that one really needs to be flexible, competent, soft with words and clever enough to survive. This does not come easily specially for someone like me, however I dont know what part of me has helped me float in this corporate world till now.

I so wish to pull myself out of the daily race, move to a calmer situation which is less demanding. Sometime in life I wish to fulfill this desire and live the moment in time which truly personifies my identity.