Little things!

I read this sometime back in an opinion poll, that this pandemic has divided India largely into to 3 sectors, first the ones who are privileged to continue their work life staying safe at home and getting paid as before. Next are the unfortunate ones who have lost their jobs and finding it difficult to make their ends meet to get their daily bread and butter. And finally the ones, who no matter what have to step out risking their lives, to make an earning. In my view, irrespective of the category one belongs to, the pain and struggle does exist, of course its magnitude varies.

The grass definitely looks greener on the side of the ones who are can safely work out of their homes. However things dont come easy or free of cost. Undoubtedly the work timings have increased during this pandemic and so is involvement and the responsibilities at home. Nothing is a trade off or nothing takes a second place, what needs to be done must be done at its time. It is a lot challenging both physically and emotionally. The ask is endless, always its a feeling of caught in between responsibilities that demands your time and the feeling of being free to make mistakes and take chances. Have read about creating a balance to have peace within yourself, again it does not happen with spin of a wand. With each passing day the tiredness in the body increases and the sense of moving on with time piles on. However a small step to take out 15 minutes just to breathe, to look around, to take a notebook, hold a pen, to lie down to stare at the ceiling, to do something which is not judged by anyone, brings a different feeling (a sense of being ourselves). This little time of your own is not sufficient, but it is better than just tiding by the waves each day and hitting the bed everyday with the anxiety of the next morning.

It is beautiful to see people trying (‘trying’ because not everything is inborn, some things are inculcated) to do things which is really not the daily routine, because it really tells them they have an interest/inclination towards something which is not termed as responsibility. It not quite not possible or realistic to wait for the right time to come or wish for a life to hang the stockings in wait of the Santa who will drop by to drop in your choicest gift for the season. But it surely makes sense to be a little carefree and to let the mind think of the things it wishes for than the things it needs to function for.

And yes its best when someone motivates you that life will go on, but it is necessary to take out the little time that keeps your heart going 🙂