It’s the end of the year

The last quarter of the year is always special. Being an Indian, I have always loved the life and lights that fills up the air during the last 3 to 4 months of the year. It is the festival season, that marks the beginning of celebration time. The hustle and bustle on the streets is so much visible, people visiting each other’s home, sharing sweets, kids enjoying the delicacies and shining the best in their traditional attire, it’s a sight to behold and cherish.

Celebration in India indeed is an awakening to our senses, be it the sound of dhols during Ganpati that fills up the ear, the treat to the eyes that comes along with palette of colors that marks Navratri, the lights and the sound affects during Diwali, the sweetness and aroma of Seviyan that is characteristic of Eid that tickles the taste buds, the warmth of Christmas that is felt during winters, every celebration brings its own flavor and happiness to people.

The sense of festivity give us the vibe and enthusiasm to decorate and accessorize, our homes, shops, offices, streets, vehicles, public places. This in fact paints India into a tinsel town and is picturesque. The lightings, diyas, rangolis in front of every house, speaks volumes on our ways of expressing happiness.

Though Christmas is not a native festival in India, this for me is, ‘that time of the year’ :). I always wait to put the star in the balcony, set up the Christmas tree and put the decors on it. The star reminds one of the light and the truth. The yellow light (usual one used) shines feebly, however the warmth it brings in, is graceful and meaningful. The Christmas cake, the term itself brings the sense of sweetness and its taste fills you with gratitude and leaves its mark of being soft and kind.

For me the festival time is always the period that I look forward to, year after year, every year!