Few lines for the birthday boy

I know the fact that holding the knife in your hand, blowing the candle light, listening to the birthday chimes, cutting the cake to taste its bite is no more one the happiest moments in your life. Nonetheless let me remind you, your birthday marks the start of another set of 365 days (unwanted interruptions strongly avoided and condemned) to pamper yourself, to spend time reading, listening, watching stuff that interests you, to give your taste buds the pleasure of having delicacies and getting that mouth watering feeling, re-kindling the experience of being the best son in the world for your parents, re-living and cherishing your childhood playing with your daughter, taking the roads less travelled, stopping over to enjoy nature’s beauty, relaxing, sleeping, laughing…going to work, meeting the targets, making money, being challenged with new things every day. So my dear pull up your socks, re-inculcate in you the pursuit of being extra-efficient, bring the smile on your face and you would shine brighter with each passing day.

HAppy Birthday 🙂