Life is beautiful

Its been a month that has changed life for me. My daughter Neomi has turned 1 month old. Ever since I heard her first cry, my thoughts, actions, needs and purpose of life has taken a new path. Never before I could stay up all day with barely 2 hours of sleep, never I could courage to bear the extremities of physical pain and still do things which are essential, never did a small sound of cry awakened my mind and worried my heart to sense the discomfort, never felt so joyous to feel the warmth of holding someone for hours, never did I know that my sleep and tiresomeness will vanish seeing someone sleep. Its the feel, warmth, breath and smile of my little one that has scented and added colors to my life.

Her innocent, pious and small streak of smile is a bliss
Her hands going up and legs paddling teaches me life can be active with the simplest of actions
Her cry makes me cry, one drop of tear breaks my heart
She being well means my life is going good
Shes charming, lovely and beautiful

I love you my pretty girl 🙂