Online Education

During the on-going COVID pandemic one of the most heard term in tandem with rising count of positive cases, vaccine and its trial, the never ending quarantine and the guidelines is Online classes/Virtual learning. If there is anything that we have readily (or reluctantly) accepted as part of the new normal, is letting our kids learn their curriculum via virtual classes. The pros and cons definitely varies at every home depending on their thoughts, the surroundings and availability of resources. However one thing that is certain is how teachers have adapted themselves to take up this challenge, ensure that the classes are interesting, interactive and make it align to every day class room sessions to the extent possible. Undoubtedly, the kids are also trying to make their best of this situation.

The reason I am writing this post is because of a video that I watched a few days back which reinforced my thoughts regarding the difficulties teachers go through while taking the online classes. Midst of all the obstacles, the one that takes precedence is the presence of parents. Parents (many of them) judge and pay heed to every word spoken by the teacher. Teachers are constantly monitored for every action, each word, last but not the least their tonality. This positions the teacher’s with an always being watched mindset. It is a default human behavior of succumbing to pressure when we are under the scanner. I have observed parents even speaking up for kids, instructing the teachers and many times even defending their kids. Had it been the regular classroom session, the teachers may not see these interference which allows them be their own self and teach and discipline the students. In my view, the parents should stay away during the online class room time so that it is real and meaningful learning time for the kids. It is imperative that parents should assist the younger kids with technical guidance, however barring that the kids can be left to be themselves to listen to their teachers. This is how the students/kids will relate themselves to the real world class room learning.

Teachers not only teach the students, but they are the ones who shape, mold and prepare them for a better tomorrow being next to the parents. Hence as parents we must restrict ourselves to keep our distance from the kids during their online class room time making it a win-win situation for both the kids and the teachers.