That someone who makes you feel safe

That someone who makes you feel safe

Few years back I saw a kid, holding his dad’s hand and walking at the pavement beside Vashi Railway Station. The little lad was careless, lost in his own world of looking around people walking past in hurry, vendors selling their ware along platform. He did not even notice the dog sitting just 2 steps ahead of him, but was enjoying his walk and was fearless. Because he knew he was holding his father’s hand.

What made me write this is the innocence/careless yet confident nature of the kid that he would be safe as his dad is with him? Moreover, it’s his trust that he placed in his father. Most of the times, I feel the need to be this fearless yet want the assurance of being safe.

I wish I don’t have to think about what should I be doing, or can’t I just observe and feel the moments that pass me through the journey of life? I wish there is no need of me being cautious of my actions or no need to be accountable of my actions, no thought/concern that my next move should not make me fall, still being assured that the coming moment will bring me hope.

Everyone talks about analyzing the risks before every action, to think thousand times prior to getting involved in anything, being judgmental with your speech, taking prevention before a cause or gauging the worth of your investment (time, money, love, life). What is the need of all this, cant life be simple which moves on just with trust?

The little boy’s life is simple because his trust is in his father, that he will be there to take care of him. Maybe he doesn’t understand what care is, and all he knows that his hands are held by his dad, and hence he doesn’t have to bother of anything.

I know the life I live is a dream of millions who don’t even have the privilege to see, walk, eat, sleep, talk, think and hear, yet I am complaining and wishing I want to live much a simpler life rather than being thankful of what I have.

I am not cribbing, but my feeling of having a wishful life, living carefree, being responsible but should be worry free. Let the guidance of my instinct/my source of breath be sufficient for me.